4 Simple Tips to Hit Your Driver Longer

4 Simple Tips to Hit Your Driver Longer

Here are 4 simple tips to hit your Driver Longer from the Tee...

1. Use a lighter grip: A lighter grip encourages faster clubhead speed, which helps you maximize your distance.

2. Tee it up high: Teeing up your driver higher than you would with your short irons gives you a better launch angle and helps you hit the ball further.

3. Take a wider stance: A wider stance helps you keep your hips and torso stable throughout the swing, giving you more power and control.

4. Use a faster swing tempo: A faster tempo keeps your timing consistent and helps you generate more clubhead speed, thus increasing your distance.


Combine that with a correctly fitted driver by your trusted PGA Professional:

1. Improved accuracy: With a professionally and properly fitted driver, players are able to hit the ball more accurately. Every golfer has their own unique swing style and characteristics and a custom fit driver can be tailored to those particularities to ensure the club is properly matched and delivering maximum distance and accuracy.

2. Added distance: With the help of a golf professional, a golfer can get a driver with the proper shaft flex, head weight and loft, which can all help to increase distance on drives.

3. Increased consistency: Being properly fitted for a modern driver means the golfer is able to make virtually the same swing time-after-time. This consistency helps to increase confidence in the driver and decreases the chance of hitting an errant shot.

4. Improved confidence: With a properly fitted driver, a golfer is able to make a confident swing every time, knowing they are using a golf club that fits them properly and is optimized for their swing.

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